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We are two friends who love making fermented foods for creating optimal health, primal living, and for sharing with others. We’d love to show you how you can quickly and easily begin creating delicious ferments like Kombucha, Kefir, Sauerkraut (and more) from your kitchen today!

A Closer Look

Why You Should Start Eating Fermented Foods


The majority of humans do not have the proper balance of helpful gut flora (bacteria in your digestive tract), also known as microbiome. Because of these deficiencies, we suffer many issues, like the following…



Gut Microbiome Deficiencies Come In Many Shapes And Sizes…


If you find yourself always second guessing what your eating, confused by contradicting dietary advice, and feeling awful, sick, tired, depressed, you are not alone. Many have come before you, learned about the healing properties of eating fermented foods, and have actually healed their bodies – changing their lives forever.

Get Your Ferment On!

Learn to make delicious, healthy fermented foods using natural, organic, powerful bacteria safely at home through our online workshops. Heal your gut, and your body naturally with savory, nutrient-dense fermented foods our ancestors made.

A Closer Look

The Cultured Collective Instructional Workshops

Our Fermentation Workshops Are On-Demand, Online, And Accessible From Anywhere, Anytime!

The Cultured Collective employs the world’s best fermentation classes, workshops and instructors.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, we have a class for you.


Get your feet “wet” with our introductory (gut-healing) Probiotic Beverages workshop.  You’ll be educated in everything beverage-based ferments, while learning how to brew your own water & milk kefirs, and bubbly kombuchas.


Bring your bread to life with natural wild yeasts, fermentation, and recipes in our Breads & Spreads workshop.  Learn the art of making healthy mayonnaise, cheeses from milk kefir – including cottage cheese, and a variety of delicious spreads.


This workshop will encompass instruction of all things brine and lacto-fermentation.  Learn to be the ultimate fruits & vegetables fermentation chef as you hand-craft home-made sauerkraut, and other Basic-Brines recipes.

Cultured Food IS Our Passion (Meet Jake & Charles)

After realizing that fermenting foods was the best way to get deliciously tasting, super healthy foods and drinks, we jumped into our lab and began learning everything about fermentation. Fermenting foods is the key to unlocking hidden nutrition, removing inflammatory constituents from foods, and healing your body. It’s what your ancestors ate!


Heal Your Gut

Fermented ‘super foods’ help our bodies absorb nutrients and keep our microbiome balanced. An unbalanced microbiome causes gut distress, so even if we take all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the world we won’t really improve our health.

Lose Fat

A balanced microbiome regulates the immune system, metabolism, sustains the gastrointestinal tract, supports mood and brain function, produces crucial vitamins and nutrients, and helps us maintain a healthy weight.

Stop Inflammation

Fermented foods offer certain special abilities to combat inflammation, an immune system response that promotes weight gain. Inflammation has been linked to many metabolic diseases, rapid aging, and many other negative effects.

World Class Fermentation Workshops

From the comfort of your own kitchen, start creating your own healthy ferments safely today!


Take Our Course

From the comfort of your own kitchen, we’ll teach you how to make safe, healthy fermented foods. Our courses are deisgned to empower and arm you with simple, yet effective “slices” of knowledge sharing. We’ve found this is the best way to learn a new concept and retain that information.


Start Fermenting Today!

Follow along with our comprehensive fermentation tutorials, and start fermenting foods in your kitchen today! Our goal is to make you a fermentation “mad scientist”, using your kitchen as your lab. Before you know it, your friends will be asking you how you’re making those delicious “healthy sodas”!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve had thousands of everyday people change their lives by learning how to ferment their own foods safely, from their own kitchens. If you’re not simply satisfied with our world-class online workshops, we’ll give you your money back. Bottomline.

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